Journey is a glimpse into the evolution of ISGB members who have chosen to share their
personal growth in beadmaking while supporting our organization. This fundraising effort 
was open to all members, from newcomers to well-known lampworkers, or somewhere
in between. Some chose to show just their current work while others included a visual
timeline from their early days working with glass to now.



Journey is 80 pages plus cover featuring 77 ISGB members and five chapters and is available
for purchase as a PDF download for $15 (please click on the Add to Cart button below) or as
print-on-demand book for $39 plus shipping


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Reghina Allen
Debbie Armstrong
Ann Scherm Baldwin    
Carolyn Baum
Bonnie Blincoe
Laura Bowker
Carol Bugarin
Elizabeth Bunn
Judy Carlson
Terri Carol
Ellie Cesario
Deanna Chase
Michele Coletti
Holly Cooper
Deborah DiMarco
Linda Edmunds
Neil Fabricant
Kathryn Fehon
Alicia Felton
Stacy Frost
Melanie Graham
Kathryn Guler
Terry Hale
Heidi Hardner
Harriet Harrison
Verna Hedgecoth
Mary Ann Helmond
Terry Henry    
Deborah Herzog    
Nina “Sam” Hibler    
Bob Hoffmeyer    
ValĂ©rie Jan    
Sharyl King
Karla Klein
Marcy Lamberson
Marjorie Langston
Nohline Sharp L’Ecuyer
Kristina Logan
Melody Lynch
Priscilla Martin
Shelley Glee McLaughlin
Rebecca Moore
Vicki Munie
Joy Munshower
Julie Nordine
Sheila Olason
Kristen Frantzen Orr
Tanja Ostwald
Connie Paul
Sharon Peters
Kathy Phillips
Joan Prichard
Donna Prunkard
Angie Ramey
Diana Dugina Riebling
Elizabeth Ross
Hayley Tsang Sather
Kris Schaible
Stephanie Sersich
Diane Sepanski
Susan Sheehan
Katherine Spignese
Ed Slawson
Virginia Dejewska Slawson
Toni Tracy
Heather Trimlett
Helen Tsang
Nicole Valentine-Rimmer
Ali VandeGrift
Amy Waldman-Smith
Jeri Warhaftig
Gail Warner
Debby Weaver
Debra Weiss
Beth Williams
Diane Woodall
Stefani Woodams
Ikuyo Yamanaka

Fire and Rain Glass Bead Society
Houston Society for Glass Beadmakers
Society of Artisan Lampworkers in San Antonio 
So Cal Flame Surfers
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