ISGB Hall of Flame Award

The Hall of Flame Award is extremely special to our organization.

Beginning in 2002, this prestigious award has been given to a long term member of the ISGB, whose contribution deserves special recognition.

Whether it is for education, advancement of the field, support of the art form through glass and tool development, leadership, volunteerism, support of artists, support of the ISGB, wealth of knowledge, a positive community image of a beadmaker and/or beadmaking, or a spirit of sharing knowledge and expertise, the Hall of Flame Award sets a standard of excellence in our world of glass beadmaking.

Hall of Flame Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2002 Jim Kervin
2003 Cindy Jenkins
2004 Craig Milliron
2005 Kristina Logan
2006 Mike Frantz
2007 Cathy Finegan
2008 Lewis Wilson
2009 Donna Milliron
2010 Lisa St. Martin
2011 Greg Fuchs
2012 Peter Norton and Jean Robichaud
2013 Leah Fairbanks
2014 Heather Trimlett
2015 Sharon Peters
2016 Tom Holland
2017 Kendra Bruno