As President of our organization one has many responsibilities, yes, but there are many privileges and many honors as well. Presenting the Hall of Flame Award certainly ranks at the top of the list!
The inscription on the award reads, “In recognition of contributions to the art of glass beadmaking.” This person must be sitting in the audience right now thinking, “WOW, Gathering #17! The years have flown by!” I am certain they are not thinking about how, over 17 plus year’s time, they have contributed so much!
Our award recipient was there in the beginning – basically since the inception of SGB – The Society of Glass Beadmakers. And their work on the Bead Release Newsletter? Yes, also right there from the start! Then there was the Silly Bead contest, which originally started to allow anyone to participate in a show or contest and was designed to help new Chapters get to know one another, interact with one another, and to encourage new bead makers…and have fun doing it! This person has always been there for beadmakers – new to experienced! This person has always been there for others.
This person’s work has been seen in many National Shows and they have taught detailed, advanced techniques that most other instructors have not. Their contributions to those who work glass and the equipment needed for said work is far beyond what we could ever calculate.
This person has been a motivator, a leader, and a cornerstone for our organization and the industry. When I asked people about this Hall of Flame Award recipient, the words I heard were, and I quote, “wonderful”; “a friend”; “good person”; “just the best”; “talented”; “smart”; “steadfast”; “loving and warm”; “kind”; “compassionate”; “never interested in self-promotion – always interested in others”; “a good soul”. I think we all can guess – the recipient is more than worthy of the award!
Our award this evening is not just about continuous contributions – it is about accomplished contributions and this person has given so much! This person has faced some personal challenges in her life that forced her to step back in her glass and ISGB work, but the support and the dedication have never wavered and certainly live on today! She is an inspiration to so many of us.
Our award winner loves to garden, loves her glasswork, and loves a good Rickshaw ride with Mr. Softie and Mr. Flexy! Rumor has it that Las Vegas is a frequent vacation spot and being a stage mom to Tyler is one of this person’s most favorite things! Oh, and then there’s the business of Arrow Springs.
It is likely you have already guessed who our wonderful recipient is this evening. It is with pride, privilege, honor and pure pleasure that I present the 2009 Hall of Flame Award to the simply amazing, quite remarkable, very deserving… Donna Milliron!!!
– Kendra Bruno, President