In preparation for the 2017 Gathering in Las Vegas, Nevada, the ISGB is excited to announce the next installment in the Hands of the Maker series, Hands of the Maker III: Avant-garde. In this juried exhibition, the focus is on pushing the boundaries of the norm; the nontraditional and esthetic innovation of wearable and functional art.

Hands of the Maker III will be launched in Las Vegas and will be on display during the celebration of our 25th annual conference. The ISGB Gathering will coincide with Glass Craft & Bead Expo and will provide an unsurpassed opportunity for exposure and audience view into our world of glass art.    

For this exhibition, as in the previous Hands of the Maker projects, our focus is on the artist’s hands and their breathtaking capabilities. The hands are everything. They help bring a story to life, capture a moment in time, evoke the spirit of our creative process, and they speak through our creative calling. 

Artists were invited to submit finished wearable or functional pieces that speak with an avant-garde voice. These works feature extraordinary concentration of artistic endeavor and incorporate glass art with multi-media crossings. The exhibit celebrates experimentation and showcases each artist’s skillful ability to exceed beyond past limitations while exploring new possibilities in their work.