Convergence III: Inspirations and Interpretations - Art Glass Bead Jewelry Inspired by Other Works of Art

ISGB Members, either as a solo artist or with partner(s) of their choice were invited to participate in this exhibition. They were asked: What piece of art moves you? What painting leaves you breathless with its sheer beauty? What song touches your soul? Is there a photograph that hits you with overwhelming emotion? Maybe it’s an art installation or sculpture that takes you away to another reality, perhaps it’s a work of cinema.
The work of art chosen by the glass bead artist was their inspiration in creating a piece that reflects what it means to be alive. Favorite pieces of art served as inspiration to interpret the colors, shapes, notes, rhythms, and words transformed into a piece of finished jewelry. Members were encouraged to use multiple mediums for their work such as seed beads, fine metal, PMC, fibers, etc. The focus of the challenge was to showcase how handmade glass beads are incorporated into exhibition-quality jewelry.
A catalog documenting this incredible exhibit is available as a print-on-demand book. For more information, please visit our Publication page.
Convergence III Exhibition Venues and Dates
July 15 – August 8, 2011
Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft
Louisville, Kentucky

June – 10, 2012
Bead&Button Show
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

September 1 – October 22, 2012
Kobe Lampwork Glass Museum
Kobe, Japan

November 2 – 4, 2012
Yokohama Bead Art Show
Yokohama, Japan

November 9 – 11, 2012
Kobe Bead Art Show
Kobe, Japan