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Information about beadmaking safety.

Safety Articles

Safety has always been important to ISGB and our members. Many beadmakers, beginning and others, have looked to ISGB for information about safety issues. It is with great pleasure that ISGB presents the information researched and developed by its Safety Committee. The information is formatted as an outline with an extensive bibliography following. Those resources can be found at Rakow Library at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Safety Committee Members: Mike Aurelius, Aura Lens; Bill Gilbert, Corning Museum of Glass; Vince Henley, ISGB safety forum and Glass Bead column; Elizabeth Hylen, Rakow Library at Corning Museum of Glass; Lisa St. Martin, ISGB Gathering class set up; Robert Simmons, ISGB Glass Bead column; Margie Shanahan, Director of Education and committee chair.

Additional thanks to the following for their input: Kendra Bruno, ISGB Executive Director; Nina “Sam” Hibler, ISGB Regional Director; Loren Stump; Jesse Kohl.

The following articles are available in PDF format, please select to download:

ISGB Eye Safety Outline and Bibliography

ISGB Fire Safety Outline and Bibliography

ISGB Personal Safety Outline and Bibliography

ISGB Respiratory Safety Outline and Bibliography

ISGB Ventilation Basics Outline and Bibliography

General Resources Studio Safety


Safety Issues Associated with Glass Beadmaking

An article written by Stan Wolfersberger in 2002 regarding safety issues associated with glass beadmaking -

Safety Issues Associated with Glass Beadmaking


NOx Emissions from your Torch

by Stan Wolfersberger

Many of the books on glass beads mention the necessity of ventilating your studio. Recent measurements made by me underscore this need. Using detector tubes, I measured levels of a number of gases while my wife made beads with a minor bench burner. The results suggest that NOx, rather than carbon monoxide, may be one of the chief hazards you face in your studio.

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1998 NIOSH Beadmaking Health Hazard Evaluation

In 1998, NIOSH conducted a health hazard evaluation at the Society of Glass Beadmakers (SGB) annual convention in Corning, New York to look at eye exposures to various types of optical radiation and chemical exposures to substances during glass beadmaking demonstrations.

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