The International Society of Glass Beadmakers will hold its annual conference, Gathering XXIV in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 20 - July 24, 2016.

New Orleans' old world roots have created a strong foundation and long-standing appreciation for the arts. Today the scene thrives via countless galleries, performance spaces and museums. But perhaps what sets the cultural institutions apart from those of other cities is their ability to embody the joie de vivre (joy of life) so prevalent in New Orleans. The city's vibrant arts scene, unique culture and architecture, love of food, and incredible music creates non-traditional experiences you can't find anywhere else! 

The focus for Gathering XXIV is Breaking Tradition which echoes the revision of our mission statement and supports our extended creative community outreach. It invites both a well-rounded, broad range of artistic style, and multi-media interpretation for workshops and presentations. 

ISGB is seeking instructors and presenters for the conference who will bring strong, creative content to educate and inspire flameworkers by sharing ideas and knowledge. We encourage you to apply and help support our mission to preserve the rich and diverse traditions of the art of glassworking techniques. Workshop and presentation proposals are not limited to glass, but may be complementary mediums, as well as topics of professional development and business education among artists and craftspeople.

Two day, one day, and half-day workshops, as well as three hour mini sessions, will be considered. Presentations are 50 minutes long and must be brand new content. 

Click here for the 2016 Gathering Instructor Application.
Click here for the 2016 Gathering Presenter Application.