Save the Date! 
The Gathering, our annual conference, will be in Houston, Texas, July 16 to 20, 2014, with pre-conference classes starting July 15. Experience an engaging mix of the very best in presentations, workshops, tours, and other activities that will both educate and inspire. Share collective knowledge and connect with us for Illumination, insight to your creative journey. 

Please join us on our adventure through collaborative creativity in the worlds of glass and complementary mediums. We are pleased to announce our pre-conference workshops and presentation artists.


Nancy Tobey, master presenter 
The Path to a Creative Life: Make it Your Own

Monique Swinkels, international presenter
Torsos and Figures in Soft Glass

Amanda Muddimer, international presenter
Construction of the Harlequin Cabochon

Sage Holland
Life in the Flame

Rashan Jones
Wonders of Glass: Glass Education in an Elementary School Setting

Patty Lakinsmith
CSI Houston: Anatomy of a Collaboration

Joy Munshower
Sculptural Horse Bead

Lisa St. Martin
Glass: What is it Good for?

Stephanie Sersich
Fibers and Glass Beads in Harmony

Jari Sheese
The Ornament

Bill Struve
Adventures in Metal Clay / Adventures in 3D Printing 

Aja Vaz
Abstract Organic Hollows



Nancy Tobey, master instructor
Laying on the Color: A One Day Adventure in Borosilicate Beadmaking

Amanda Muddimer, international instructor
Construction of the Harlequin Cabochon and Sundial Design

Monique Swinkels, international instructor
Torsos and Figures in Soft Glass

Doug Baldwin 
Bead Photography

Jelveh Jaferian
Zen Doodle and Ribbon Series Beads

Rashan Jones 
Off Mandrel Borosilicate Pendants

Joy Munshower
Bas-Relief Horse Sculpture Bead

Lori Peterson
Fun, Fast Beads that Make You Smile

Stephanie Sersich
New Inspiration: Combining Glass Beads and Fibers

Jari Sheese
The Ornament

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer
Silversmithing for Beadmakers

Aja Vaz
Organic Hollows: Coring and Capping Beads


Mini Workshops

Donna Felkner
Beadroller Beads

Karen Leonardo
Pulled Petal Flowers

Lori Peterson
Making Simple Murrini and Its Application

Jeri Wiskus
The Joy of Bead Crochet

Diane Woodall
How to Write an eBook