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2018 Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Application for the ISGB Gathering  

Las Vegas, NVApril 3 - April 8, 2018


Each year ISGB offers a number of scholarships to qualifying members enabling them to attend the Gathering. The ISGB Gathering Scholarship Committee is chaired by Karen Crown and includes, Susan Richards, Jeri Warhaftig, Judy Fearn, and Nicole Valentine.    All decisions made by the Scholarship Committee are considered final. All stipends for scholarships will be presented at the Gathering.


Three Alexx and Vi Cheng Gathering Scholarship Awards will Include

•  Full conference registration fee

•  $650 Stipend for hotel accommodations and travel expenses

•  $200 Credit toward a conference torch workshop

       A Banquet ticket for Saturday evening


General Gathering Scholarship will include 

·         Full conference registration fee

·         $150 Stipend for hotel accommodations

·         $100 Stipend for travel expenses

·         $100 Credit toward a conference workshop


The Finnegan Scholarship, was created in honor of Cathy Finnegan, past President and Gathering Coordinator. This scholarship opportunity exists to acknowledge excellence in the art of glass beadmaking and service to our organization. The recipient will be selected on the basis of artistic excellence, commitment to the ISGB, and financial need.


The Finnegan Scholarship Award will include

•  Full conference registration fee

•  $200 Credit toward a conference workshop

•  Travel stipend of $125 for a North American member or $250 for International member to assist with travel expenses


Eligibility Criteria for receiving an ISGB Gathering Scholarship

  • Applicants must be a current ISGB member.
  • Applicants may not have been the recipient of any scholarships, awards or grants from the ISGB (or associated organizations partnering with the ISGB) in the past.


Other Criteria that will be considered:

  • Each year the committee attempts to provide at least one scholarship to a Canadian or international member to lend encouragement and financial assistance for those outside North America.
  • Financial need will be strongly considered when making scholarship awards.
  • Preference may be given to applicants based on:
    • Length of membership in the ISGB
    • A record of volunteer service to the ISGB

Submission Details:

The Essay

Applicants are required to submit a two-page essay using a font no smaller than 10 to 12 points, and one-inch margins. First and foremost, your essay should help the scholarship committee get to know you, and help us understand your goals, motivations and journey as a glass beadmaker.


  • Please address the following in your essay:
    • How long have you been working in glass, and approximately how much time do you spend per week or month at the torch?
    • As you describe your journey as a beadmaker to this point, please consider including:
      • Include any biographical information that will give the scholarship committee a better picture of your growth as a glass artist.
      • What inspired you to begin beadmaking, and where do you find inspiration for creating new bead designs?
      • How have your skills progressed, and to what do you attribute your skill development?
      • What have been your greatest challenges working in hot glass, and what do you consider your greatest achievements?


    • Reference the images you submit (see below) in describing the evolution of your work, as well as designs or techniques you are currently working on developing or exploring.
    • If there is financial need and you would like us to consider that, include a statement of one or two sentences that supplies the scholarship committee with any pertinent information.
    • How long have you been a member of the ISGB, and in what ways have you been involved in this organization, or involved with the glass community as a whole?
    • How do you expect to benefit from attending the Gathering, and what do you hope to return to the beadmaking community from your experiences at the Gathering?



Applicants are required to submit images of their glasswork, both past and present, following these guidelines:


•  Four (4)  images representing the scope of your work must be submitted.

Please use the following format to choose images of your work to submit with this application:

1. Two (2) images of earlier work (at least 1-year prior), to show skills progression, as well as your evolution of style.

2. Two (2) images of current work, showing different styles you’ve developed, or skills you feel that you have worked at mastering.

•  These images should be high resolution (300 dpi or 1600 pixels) and must have sharp focus and proper   exposure, as the scholarship committee will be looking closely at the technical proficiency, construction, and craftsmanship of your work. The scholarship committee will also consider creative use of materials, as well as innovation in style and concept of your work.

•   Please label each image in numerical order with your name. For example, “01_Smith.jpg,” etc. Images must be in JPG format, and should be a maximum size of 1MB.


Letter of recommendation

•   One (1) letter of recommendation must accompany the application, no more than 300 words. Please choose someone who can speak to your development as a glass artist, your commitment to your work, and tell us about the growth and change they have seen in you and your work over time.


Scholarship Recipient Responsibilities:

•  The recipient is required to donate one bead to the Silent Auction.

•  The recipient is required to attend the entire Gathering (Wednesday opening reception to Sunday PM).

•  The recipient is required to volunteer at least six (6) hours.

•  The recipient is required to attend the First-Time Attendee Meeting and the General Membership Meeting.

•  The recipient is required to write and submit a short article (500 to 700 words maximum) on his/her Gathering experience for ISGB use.

The Fine Print

•  Conference registration materials and conference payment should not be sent with this application. The members awarded this scholarship will be notified by  November 14, and will be sent a special registration code prior to the opening of member registration.

•  Applicants who are not receiving a scholarship will also be notified by November 14.                          .

•  In the event that the recipient does not fulfill his/her obligation, the ISGB will revoke the scholarship award and stipend.

•  This award is non-transferable in part or whole.

•  This award cannot be postponed and awarded at a future conference in part or whole.

•  If the recipient cannot meet the obligations of the scholarship, the scholarship will not be reassigned to another member.

•  The scholarship will be awarded only once to a member.


3.) Online Application Form


By submitting this application to the ISGB, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of the scholarship for which I am applying and agree to honor them.


I would like to be considered for:

_______ An Alexx and Vi Cheng Scholarship

_______ The Standard Gathering Scholarship

_______ The Finegan Scholarship

_______ Any of the Scholarships (only one will be awarded)



Name ___________________________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________City & State ______________________

Country ________________US Zip Code __________International Postal Code ___________________

Daytime Telephone _____________________Cellular Telephone _______________________________

Email ________________________________ Website _______________________________________

Are you a Student?  Yes    No    If yes, what school are you attending? ________________________

List the  ISGB Gatherings that you have you attended in the past, either by date, or location:  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please list any ISGB volunteer activities you have been involved in: ______________________________


Please submit your application information and images to

Submit to Dropbox


Due Date for ALL application information and images:  November 6, 2017




What is the Gathering?

The International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) holds an annual conference to bring together an international community of glass bead artists and enthusiasts. The conference, called The Gathering, is an occasion to become involved in the glass world and make valuable contacts. 

There are a wide variety of events at the conference to satisfy many interests. It is an opportunity for attendees to network with each other, gallery owners, collectors, technical vendors and suppliers.  It also gives technical vendors an opportunity to showcase new equipment, tools, supplies, and glass. Through demonstrations, lectures, panel discussions, and more attendees can learn new techniques and business skills to further their glass bead knowledge.

Registration is open to all, however being a member of the ISGB gives you the opportunity to participate in early registration.


Previous Gatherings

Following is a list of past Gatherings -

1993   Prescott, Arizona

1994   San Francisco, California

1995   Evanston, Illinois

1996   Seattle, Washington

1997   Albuquerque, New Mexico

1998   Corning, New York

1999   Scottsdale, Arizona

2000   Oakland, California

2001   Boulder, Colorado

2002   Alexandria, Virginia

2003   Lowell, Massachusetts 

2004   Portland, Oregon

2005   Louisville, Kentucky

2006   Kansas City, Missouri

2007   Minneapolis, Minnesota

2008   Oakland, California

2009  Miami, Florida
          Photo Album

2010  Rochester, New York
          Photo Album
2011  Louisville, Kentucky
2012  Bellevue, Washington
2013  Rochester, New York

         2014  Houston, Texas
                    Photo Album

         2015  Albuquerque, New Mexico
                    Photo Album 1
                    Photo Album 2

2016  New Orleans, Louisiana


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