Terri Caspary Schmidt (www.casparylampwork.com)
May 7-8, 2016, 10am-5pm, at Crystal Forge glassblowing studio in the Hot Shops Art Center, Omaha NE
Cost: $395 includes glass and lunch + small kit fee (payable to instructor). $100 deposit required. Remainder due when workshop starts
Contact Dan to register: crystalforgeglass@gmail.com

This workshop, for intermediate beadmakers who would like to achieve more precision, symmetry and refinement in their work, will focus on fine tuning variations of surface design techniques—precise dot placement, dot shaping, optical color blending, pick-work, masking, stringer and micro-stringer techniques as well as the use of negative space and line as key design elements. Using a few simple tools and the power of hand, eye and mind, you will take your beadmaking to a new level.
Tools required: 3x5inch graphite marver, non-serrated (7”) tweezers