This workshop is for those glass bead makers who want to get away from dependence on clay bead release and build new skills in creating
wild shapes that are highly detailed. Soft Glass or Boro,using the new tools made for this from reusable sharpened tungsten and a stainless steel sleeve that is the handle to the tungsten .A multitude of techniques will be shown, and each student has their own Mid Range plus torch for smaller or larger work. you work with the same mandrels of three sizes without dipping in clay and when the bead is done you remove it hot and put it in the kil or silica bubbles ect.The town of Mountain View is located in the North Central part of Arkansas , on the White River watershed with fishing and caving and mountain bike trails among other side attractions for family. Beau Anderson has been making beads and teaching internationally for 20 years. He has been a presenter at the ISGB gathering and offered this new ground breaking method in Rochester in 2013