Floral Glass Gardens

In this class you will learn how to create your own floral glass beads using precise application of surface embellishment. Emphasis will be placed on design, color blending, and flame control. Class projects will utilize component canes to create realistic flowers, leaves and vines. Traditional lampwork techniques of feathering, Latticino cane composition and clear casing will be thoroughly explored. This is also a perfect opportunity to try out Italian fabulous flower tool presses by Carlo Donna and learn how to make beautiful flowers, berries and leaves, and discover how to add on your own touch and individual style. Your glass creations can be used to make bouquets, decorative combs, brooches and necklace components.

We will also learn how to make your own colorful glass tops with inserted metal screws creating several different well balanced designs and shapes which can be used to make your own rings and pendants. We will be making floral and cased canes and focus on precise surface decorations and clear casing. You will work extensively with palladium, gold and copper leaf, silver foil, handmade frit, and dichroic glass to create a fantastic backdrop for your floral creations. Get more details at https://www.pittsburghglasscenter.or...-glass-gardens