Colorful Storytelling: Lampwork Glass Hollow Beads and Small Vessels
Find and express yourself in glass beads. Stories come from things we notice, things we remember. They arise spontaneously from our immediate surroundings, yet they have enduring qualities. In the same way, in this class we will preserve the spontaneity of storytelling while developing disciplined techniques for weaving together the stories we bring to class with those we create at the torch.

Your memorable journey in lampworked hollow glass beads begins with layering the medium into upward coils to create colorful and ornate discs. Soon you’ll graduate to perceiving a sense of accomplishment and delight as hollow beads begin to pop out of your dance with glass. Vessels are born thereafter; they embody and contain stories that only you can tell.

This workshop will be about exploring design while deepening our knowledge of flameworking soda-lime glass with emphasis on building, decorating and blowing hollow beads and small vessels including sculpting techniques. We will create rich surfaces by decorating with stringers, Filigrana, enamels, metals and multi-layered glass shards which you will design and blow yourself. Get more details at https://www.pittsburghglasscenter.or...-small-vessels