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Thread: New Issue of Glass Bead Evolution!!!!

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    Default New Issue of Glass Bead Evolution!!!!

    I just got my new PDF copy of the Glass Bead Evolution!!! Wow! Terrific!! I am inspired to go into my studio and pull out that bucket of boro and boro sample kits I have been collecting for years and start playing (Thanks, Cleo, for the inspiration!) I have sworn for years I wanted to take a class from Nancy and it just never happened - gotta try harder! And, Judy, one of my roomies.....yes! I am going to the Gathering next year!!!! I missed this year and I hate myself. I have been a member since 1997 and had only ever missed one other Gathering. Never again!!!! So I am saving my pennies! Just renewed my membership so I get the registration information on time and I am going!

    Big thank you to everyone who works so hard for the ISGB!

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    Debby, that was a wonderful post to Lori, Stephanie, and the entire GBE team.

    I missed you in Houston and will very much look forward to seeing you in Albuquerque!!!

    Thank you from all of us for your kindness, and for your ISGB membership and support!


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