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Thread: Sculptural Workshop with Wesley Fleming, June at The Studio at Corning Museum of Glass

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    Lightbulb Sculptural Workshop with Wesley Fleming, June at The Studio at Corning Museum of Glass

    Hi Everyone!

    If you've been wanting to learn sculptural flameworking, I'm teaching a WEEK-LONG class at Corning Museum of Glass this coming June (next month)! http://www.cmog.org/class/flameworking-natural-forms-0

    If you've had a couple years experience at beadmaking, YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS CLASS! I've taught a lot of beadmakers how to work off-mandrel. But the real kicker is not only will you learn to work off-mandrel, but you'll ALSO get a much greater feel/understanding of heat control in the glass to really aid you in beadmaking!

    Not only will I be teaching how to make the insects and birds you typically see from me, but also we will be doing a project on making vignettes - the more complicated, assembled forms I've been posting lately. Additionally, we'll be checking out work by the Blaschkas from the Museum and Library and taking inspiration from that.

    AND FURTHER, JUPITER NIELSEN will be TA'ing for the class to help with the borosilicate end of things.

    The workshop is June 9-14, 2014. Here is the link to more information:

    And here is a video of me working, to get a feel for what this is about: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbJZLKzPbqA

    An example of Jupiter's borosilicate sculptural work:

    Hope to see you there!

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    I am sure it will be a terrific class!

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    What an amazing opportunity!

    Thank you for posting the class details and your incredible work, Wes...perfect way to start my day!


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