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Thread: Individual Refurbed Medical Oxygen Units Wanted

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    Lightbulb Individual Refurbed Medical Oxygen Units Wanted

    Hello! I have 8 Nortel Minor torches in my bead store's studio and have grown weary of the troubles I have with my over-worked compressor. I was advised that connecting each of my torches to a refurbished medical oxygen concentrator would be a great way to go, and much cheaper for maintenance. I am told there used to be someone on the ISGB site who restored and sold them. Is that person still in the ISGB & doing that? If not, do any of you know of a reliable source for this? Have any of you had experience with doing this?

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    I'd like that information as well. If you don't get an answer here, try the ISGB Facebook page - I think there are a lot of people connected to that page and automatically get those posts to their email. They might miss this one.


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