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Thread: Keep an EYE on it... a collection of techniques

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    Default Keep an EYE on it... a collection of techniques

    Here is a way to make a very realistic iris on a maria.

    You need:
    - a rod of white glass
    - scrap from browns, greens or blues
    - clear glass
    - black glass
    - punties if you prefer them for pulling cane
    - tweezers
    - graphite marver
    - the skills to make an "implosion" like operation

    Start with some prep-work: Heat the end of youe punty (or an opaque rod of your color theme) and add assorted bits of glass from that color group untill the blob is about 2cm in diameter. Pull into an about 3-5mm thick cane (rod or stringer ; ) and let it cool.

    To start the project itself make a blob of about 12mm diameter on a white rod and "stomp" it on your graphite marver to get a flat bottom. Take your striped cane and draw a line of dots on the edge of your maria. Don't let any gap or better add a second layer to this "dam" if needed. Heat the front side and the edge of the maria to melt the "dam" and guide it with the heat to the center. The surface has a lentil shape after this. If the color is not fully moved to the center touch it with a stringer and pull a thread of glass away to give space for the color to come closer. Heat the center again to flatten any bump left by that pulling action. The last step is adding a black dot for the pupil. The eye is finished, but you can add a clear encasing for a more realistic optic.

    This element can be used for ringtops or carbochons. It can be incorporated into bigger work if tranferred to a clear punty before detaching it from the white rod. You can make the whole operation in reverse by working on a clear maria and drawing the pupil before imploding the color. This is more challenging...

    Invitation: If you have an other "view" on the eye-topic please add your version here, too.
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