I'm excited to be chair for the 2013 conference "Beads for Staff" project in Rochester, NY and working again with Ginger Black. We had such fun amassing beads for the 2010 gathering.
We hope you will help us! We're shooting for 300 beads for the hotel and convention center staff.
I talked to Michael at he the hotel main desk to make certain their name tags are the same and he remembered our group fondly and he still has the bead he chose to wear on his name tag in 2010. He is looking forward to our visit in July.
Will you send us some of your beads to help the staff feel like part of our 2013 event and give them a tiny keepsake they'll treasure??
Deadline July 12, 2013
Pictured is the board we used in 2010 to post our beads so the staff could choose one.
Please send your beads to:
Susan Baechle
175 Huntington Hills S.
Rochester, New York
Thanks, Susan