We still have room...

Dates: Friday, April 26th to Sunday April 28, 2013

Cost: $415.00 US
· Please pay in full at time of registration. (Register by Regular USPS Mail.)
· You must be an ISGB member and /or Fire and Rain Chapter Member to attend.

This cost covers:
· Meals (more details below)
· Dorm housing (2 persons per room) (more details below)
· Use of tools and torches
· All demos and mini classes (more details below)
· Some class supplies and glass, and a goodie bag too (a list of materials to bring will be provided in the near future)

· Everyone can arrive starting Friday afternoon at 4:30pm and we will have dinner at starting at 6pm in the lodge and our first official demos will start at 7pm.
· Saturday and Sunday we will be buzzing busy right up till we will depart at 4pm. We must all be off the grounds by 5pm.
· Our activities will include demos, classes and open torch time.
· Attendees will be able to torch late into both Friday and Saturday nights.

More Details:

· Friday Evening: Dinner (6pm)
· Saturday: Breakfast, lunch, dinner (8am, 12:30pm, 6pm)
· Sunday: Breakfast and lunch (8am, 12:30pm)
· Coffee, tea, snacks, etc. will be available through-out the day.
· There are soda machines on the grounds for those who are pop drinkers.

· No single, private rooms or private baths are available. All rooms are heated and simply furnished with twin beds, bedding and a desk.
· No camping or commuting is permitted.
· If you want to upgrade from the Dorm to Cottages, an additional charge of $50.00 (there are only 12 cottage beds available). Cottages will be given to the first 12 requests.
* Dormitory Housing – Basic student housing consists of an eighteen room (double occupancy) dormitory, with two shared large central restrooms. The dormitory is located less than a five-minute walk up the hill. (we will be allowed to have one or two cars for those with special mobility needs to have access to drive between housing and activities.
* Cottage Housing – There are two cottage dorms on campus with three attached cottages. Each cottage consists of two rooms (double-occupancy) separated by a bathroom which is shared by the four residents. With greater privacy and closer proximity to studios, cottage rooms are recommended for older participants and carry an additional fee.

We will have 12 torches (mini CC's, I believe) set up for our use at Pilchuck. Some people will be working on the projects that they learned in the mini classes and others will be on the torches during the open torch time. We will be able to stay up as late into the night as we want. Some people will stay up late and others will turn in at a reasonable time.

This is what we have confirmed for our demos and mini classes so far:

· Mini-class: Wire work for lampwork beads.
· Mini-class: Kumihimo
· Demo: Jenny Newtson, Tag Glass (She is bringing both soft and boro)
· Demo: Leslie Theil, off mandrel flowers
· Demo: Leslie Goldstein, Rainbow twisty bead
· Demo: Larry Scott, Night Sky bead
· Demo: Ellen Harbison, Bell flowers on wire
· Demo: Debora Cox, Making beads using a bead press
· Demo: Daniel Caraces, Abalone Beads
· Demo: Jenelle Aubade, Antiqued style beads

If you are interested in the registration forms or need more information please email Laura Bowker at "Northwest at isgb.com"

We would love to have you join us.