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    How does the bead trade work? Do we bring our wonky beads (as a novice I have many) or only our "perfect" beads (I have none)? How are the beads traded?

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    Bring whatever beads you have. Ones you have questions about and ones you want to trade. I do think you should not bring ones with cracks or other major flaws unless you want some help with why it happened. I would not trade those. But don't worry about the rest. I trade with everyone - new bead maker and seasoned ones! The only thing I don't want to get is a cracked bead!!!! That did happen once and I was very disappointed and upset.

    Don't worry, most people are like me! We will trade with everyone!!!!!

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    Hi Marla,

    Welcome to your first Gathering!

    I agree with everything Debby said, and I'll just add on the one thing I didn't think of before my first swap -- it's a good idea to bring little baggies and business cards/name labels/something to identify your beads -- that way folks you trade with can remember who they got their goodies from.

    Kim Edwards
    Lone Tree Studio

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    susan sheehan Guest


    Yes, bring the ones you want to share. I think everyone should be proud of where they are in their journey. Anyone better has been where you are. I know most of us love to share your joy. Whatever you do, don't let it be stressful. I made that mistake and regret that I didn't let myself feel the love of trading in my early years.

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