Emilio’s first session filled in just 4 days. If you can get to Buffalo, NY, don’t miss this opportunity. Emilio will be teaching “Venetian Lampworking with Soft Glass” October 13-14, 2012 at Expressive Glass. This is a rare opportunity to learn from this Venetian master. Whether you are a new or experienced off-mandrel lampworker, you will learn long-held secrets passed down in Emilio's family for hundreds of years.

Day 1: Venetian Figures
Days 2: Flexible Agenda (driven by student interest)
Time permitting, subjects can include:
• Creating scorpions, bugs, birds and other animals in soft glass
• Making miniature vessels and blown hollow beads
• Applying figures on a bead, such as horses and bas-relief
• Adding mythological elements to objects
• Using colored rods and tubing to create objects

Special price of $400 (when $150 deposit is paid before August 1, 2012)

Click here to view class details and to register.

I hope you'll join us.

Expressively yours,