Valerie Stretch (skippystretch) and I (Cheryl Mouncey) are in the throes of launching a brand new flameworking studio and retail shoppe in the charming town of Port Hope, Ontario. We are aiming for a November 1st open house to capture the Christmas market. We plan to keep consignment sales as an ongoing part of the shoppe's product line.

We are looking for a variety of flameworked, fused (and otherwise made of glass) high quality jewellery and retail ready glass art objects for consignment consideration.

The following products are open for consideration:

- high quality finished jewellery pieces of various price points
(i.e., earrings, necklaces, bracelets, corsages, capped and cored beads, fused pendants, off mandrel pendants etc.)
- fused or glass blown works - small enough to be shipped (plates, bowls, pendants, hair ties etc.)
- cold worked glass objects and jewellery items
- glass products (i.e. Art pens, kaleidoscopes, pen stands etc.)
- hanging glass ornaments and icicles
- seasonal glass items - looking for winter items currently)
- individual consideration of other items would be considered

We would also be interested in flamework instructional (dvd's, books etc) or glass products of interest to lampworkers/fusers for incorporation in their own work as well as any new and interesting glass work tool products.

If you are interested in allowing us to promote your product via consignment sale, please contact me for details at torchandmarverATgmailDOTcom. I would appreciate a couple of photos of the intended style of work.

Deadline for submissions for this round is October 12th, 2011.

Thank you!

Valerie and Cheryl
Shoppe details and website in the works. We are a little busy just now!