What piece of art moves you? What painting leaves you breathless with its sheer beauty? What song touches your soul? Is there a photograph that hits you with overwhelming emotion? Maybe it’s an art installation or sculpture that takes you away to another reality, perhaps it’s a work of cinema.

Whatever work of art speaks to you about what it means to be alive, let it be your inspiration. Interpret your favorite work of art into a piece of finished jewelry. Translate the colors, shapes, notes, rhythms, and words into something that can be worn.

Examples and Suggestions for Inspiration:
  • If there is a painting by Gustav Klimt that you admire, how would you translate that into glass beads and jewelry?
  • Maybe Louis Armstrong’s version of “What a Wonderful World” brings you a sense of great comfort. You could capitalize on the imagery of the lyrics.
  • Michelangelo’s “David” might inspire you to create beads that mimic classic sculptural forms.
  • Henri Matisse is known for his bright bold colors and curvy shapes. If a work of his appeals to you, think of ways to translate similar shapes and colors into your design.
  • “The Wizard of Oz” is a cinema classic. You might use beads that create a gradation of black and white to color, to celebrate the film’s innovation in Technicolor.
  • Pablo Picasso’s sheet metal sculpture “Guitar” might inspire you to assemble flat components into a larger 3D form.
Here is your opportunity, either as a solo artist or with a partner or partners of your choice, to participate in this very special exhibition.

Jewelry can include, but is not limited to, components such as seed beads, fine metal, PMC, fibers, etc. We encourage you to use multiple mediums for your work. The main focus of the piece, of course, must be the glass bead(s). Our mission is to once again showcase how handmade glass beads are incorporated into exhibition-quality jewelry.

The exhibition will open in Louisville, KY at the 19th Annual Gathering. From there, Convergence III will travel to several different locations over the next twelve (12) months.

To participate, complete and submit the online entry form at:
  • The entry deadline will be March 1, 2011. The entry fee is $50 for your 1st submission; additional entries are $25 each. This fee is due, along with the photographs of your piece by the deadline date. No exceptions, please.
  • Should you decide to participate with a partner or partners, you will be responsible for contacting, confirming, and collaborating directly with your partner(s). You will need to meet all deadlines and participate in the project directly with your partner(s). If you participated in previous Convergence projects, you may partner with the same person again; this is your own choice.
  • ISGB and independent representatives will jury the exhibit. ISGB will notify you regarding acceptance.
  • You are responsible for the cost of all materials.
  • You must be a current paid member of ISGB to participate in Convergence III. Your partner, however, is not required to be a member.
We hope you decide to take part in this exciting event!

Questions? Contact Sarah Riggle or 614-222-2243.