I invite you to join us for our first guest instructor, the incredible Loren Stump, who will be teaching at Expressive Glass in Buffalo. I have temporarily reduced the price to $995 through August 15. I hope that's a deal you can't walk away from.

Loren's class (Loren I) is 5 calendar days - September 22-26 (though those of you who know of Loren know that his 5 days are like everyone else's 10 days.)

I took Loren's class last year and learned so much that applied to all of my soft glass work, mandrel and off-mandrel. Details and registration are at www.expressiveglass.com.

Expressive Glass is a welcoming, safe, and easy-to-reach studio in Buffalo, NY. We are near comfortable, affordable housing and food. Links are on my website for local motels and a guest house that is right across the street.

We have 8 minor torches. If you prefer to bring your own, as long as you have quick releases, we should be able to accommodate you. Each flameworker has 4ft of space to work around a large table where everyone can see one another. We have padded drafting chairs with adjustable foot rests and your choice of arms or no arms. You can see pictures of the studio on my website.

Let me know if you have any questions or special requests. You can reach me through this forum or by calling 716-825-3333.

Expressively yours,

"Turn hot glass into cool stuff"