July 11- 17, 2010

Class Title: Soft and Boro Sculpted Glass Bead Flower Workshop and Jewelry Design


Class Description:

We will explore the wonderful world of Sculpted Glass Flower Beads and botanicals using various lampwork tools. Petal, tools and “rufflers” will be available for instruction. Bring the tools you use on a daily basis! Learn how to make various styles of sculpted lampwork flowers and leaves using both hard and soft glass. Bring a flower book and chose which flower you would like to make in class. Bring the glass for it and you will see the flower come to life in class. I have made wild violet, poppy, columbine, daisies and trillium, among other flowers. You will make handmade petal cane and any components needed to complete the flowers. The first 2 days we will work on soft glass, the next 2 days are boro and the last day we will learn how to design jewelry with our flower beads. Students need to have some torch experience, but experience with both types of glass are not necessary.

Skill Level: Students should have some bead making skills. Beginner to intermediate.


Karen Leonardo has been a lampwork beadmaker and jewelry designer since 1996. She has written 2 books; Creating Lampwork Beads for Jewelry and Art Bead Jewelry “Seasons in Glass”. She is known for her sculpted flower beads. She invented glass tool lines called The Leonardo Petal Pullers which pull petals from glass rods to be used in sculpted glass flowers and the NEW Leonardo Featherbone and Fishbone tools and the Leonardo Imprinters. Karen is the current Regional Director for the Mid Atlantic States for the ISGB. Her accomplishments include honors in the art world, as well as, the business world with nominations and awards such as, Pennsylvania Artist of the Year and The International Who’s Who of Business Women and Entrepreneurs. She runs a successful lampwork website with her beads, jewelry, books and tools. She can be found at www.leonardolampwork.com .