There have been some posts in one of the Reference Library threads that should have been made here.

I would suggest that all inquiries about safety in glass bead making be submitted in this forum so that any needed discussion can take place and that the best information can be found and published. There is a great deal of bad safety information around the internet in various discussion groups and a fair number of both dangerous and simply bad practices being described that could cause chronic illness, serious injury or death. Many of them have been previously discussed in this Forum but with the evolution of the web site much of that archival information has sadly been lost.

I have no problem with revisting any of the safety information, especially for new bead makers. There are no dumb questions in this forum but if a subject has been thoroughly discussed in a previous thread or article that is readily available I may simply direct the inquirer to that information rather than repeating it.

As always, this Safety Forum will strive to see that the most reliable and best practice safety information for glass bead makers is available here.