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Thread: DeVilbis Oxygen Concentrator

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    Default DeVilbis Oxygen Concentrator

    I already own an OXY15 concentrator, and have just found a DeVilbis for sale in my neighborhood. Does anyone know if the DeVilbis works for beadmaking? Many thanks. Donna

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    Typically any oxygen concentrator that puts out at least 5 LPM and operates at 7-8 psi, and is in good working order (94-98% purity) is adaptable to lampworking... Most oxy/cons at this 'level' are typical medical units and almost all fall into this category for pressure/lpm and purity.... However there are some units that are modified to put out increased volume and pressure, these units are generally advertised the higher output and pressure as enhancements for glass work....

    Only negative to buying a used unit, is excessive hours (unit worn out mechanistically) or oxygen purity is low (sieve beds need reporing) or unit does not produce enough LPM for your intended usage (to small for torch) ..


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    Smile DeVilbiss

    I have one, DeVilbiss Solaris V. I like it, works very well.
    I'm looking to get a second one, too.

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