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Thread: Convergence II - Call for Entries

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    A new email announcement that went out today:


    You asked, we listened!
    We've been receiving a number of cries for help from people working diligently on their Convergence II entries, but who feel they need more time to finish. Some people have been away at shows, while some of our members in the northeastern US have been coping with a massive snowstorm that has knocked out power and made transportation a nightmare. We've shifted some deadlines around behind the scenes and we're pleased to announce a new Final Entry Deadline of March 10. We think this is going to be a fantastic show and we want as many members to participate as possible. We can't wait to see what you come up with!


    CALL FOR ENTRIES http://www.isgb.org/isgb-exhibitions...r-entries.html

    DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM http://www.isgb.org/info/uploads/con...pplication.pdf

    International Society of Glass Beadmakers

    | 85 E Gay St. | Suite 707 |

    | Columbus| OH | 43215|

    CONTACT SARAH RIGGLE AT isgb.convergence@gmail.com

    OR CALL THE OFFICE AT 614-222-2243.

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    Convergence II Update

    We are done with the compellation of Juror scores on the Convergence II pieces. We just finished (it's 7PM EDT).

    It's going to take Sarah a few hours to get it all typed up. She will post the results here on the Forum and a Constant Contact message will be sent out to all of the submitting artists to check the Forum for the results.

    Information regarding scores, comments, further instructions, et al will be sent at a later time.

    THANK YOU to everyone who participated. The work was exceptional, the creativity incredible and the inspiration...simply amazing!

    Convergence II will be an outstanding exhibition for our organization!

    Warm Regards to All,

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    The following is a list of the works that have been accepted into the Convergence II exhibit.
    Dolly Ahles Persephone
    Carolyn Baum Congratulations Ella!
    Francie Broadie & Camille Richard Bough to Mother Nature
    Terri Caspary Schmidt & Anne E. Mitchell Dharmachakra:The Wheel of Law
    Heidi Coles Marguerite
    Ronit Dagan Fragile Ties for Jackie Kennedy
    Debra Dowden-Crockett Kaffe Fassett Collar
    Alethia Donathan Peace for Catherine
    Darlene Durrwachter Rushing & Donna Penoyer Stop Look Listen
    Kim Edwards A Necklace for Joan of Arc
    Leah Fairbanks Isadora's Scarf
    Betty Fetvedt & Kathy King Nefertari’s Legacy
    Georgie Field Badge for the Order of Athena
    Kristen Frantzen Orr Bon Appetit
    Nolly Gelsinger Titania’s Crown
    William Glasner The Snow Queen
    Mary Ann Helmond Queen of Shiba
    Nina "Sam" Hibler &Lisa Connell Persephone's Lot
    Wendy Hitchins Frida
    Leslie Kaplan Excess, Imelda Marcos style
    Kiersten Kern & Carol Saker She Who Shapes the Sacred Land
    Terri Kraehe Little Beaver's Circle of Friends
    Sara LaGrand Spywear: The Accessory for the Modern Mata Hari
    Patty Lakinsmith & Cyndie Smith The Bone Goddess
    Marcy Lamberson Darling Clementine
    Janet Larsen &Robin Foster The Analytical Engine
    Karen Leonardo & Teri Sallwasser Radioactive Curie
    Louise Little & Mickey Kunkle Poppies for O'Keefe
    Anne Londez Tangle
    Eleanore Macnish Pendant for Alice…In Wonderland
    Bernadette Mahfood Blue Plaid
    Susan Matych Hager &Kathy Petersen Queen of the Faeries
    Terri McGill &Tracy VanNiel Marie's Ridge
    Vicki Munie& Betty Munie Nefertiti – Egyptian Queen
    Sandy Parlett Seeds of Spring
    Scott Parrish &Diane Mandaville Red Sonja
    Janice Peacock Anne Bonny's Treasure Necklace
    Sharon Peters& Christi Friesen H.G. Wells Time Machine Pocket Watch
    Donna Prunkard & Stacy Frost Percussive Dance
    Hannah Rosner &Marsha Wiest-Hines Daisy Buchanan: Innocence in Decay
    Margie Shanahan &Linda McIlheran Dreaming of Titania
    Dvora Silberman Under the Sea
    Camille Simmons &Robert Simmons A Collar for Richard II
    Sally Stevens Temptation
    Nancy Tobey & Joy Raskin Elizabeth in the Ruff
    Rowan Van Der Holt Ophelia's Flowers with Poppies From Elizabeth Siddall
    Annie Vedovell Shook Sailor's Valentine - Forget Me Not
    Amy Waldman Smith &Heather Taylor Poetical Science for Ada
    Jeri Warhaftig &Ronnie Lambrou Stardust
    Stephanie White &Gerry White Nelson's Eye Patch & Telescope
    Beth Williams Granuaile’s Treasure – A Necklace for Ireland’s Pirate Queen
    Stefani Woodams Netsuke of the Barn Goddess
    Manuela Wutschke Atomic Forces
    Teresa Yoshimura Bendt &Bronwen Heilman Earthly Delights
    Patricia Zabreski Venaleck Collar for Nefertiti
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    Sarah, thank you so much for working so late to get the jury's results posted. Goodness, this has been a big week at ISGB! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on our accomplishments: The slate of officers, Convergence II, and our eBay auction.

    I am so excited just by the names of the entries and all I can say is: I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours!
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    I'm always astonished and awed by all the hard work that goes into mounting these exhibits. It's a wonderful way to promote glass art, and everyone involved deserves big thanks.

    Here's my bit... it's H. G. Wells' Time Machine Pocket Watch. I came up with the concept and initial design and sent all the glass bits off to Christi Friesen, whiz-bang polymer clay artist, who put it all together with her steam-punk genius. This was serious fun!
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    Here's mine - Frida. What a lady she was! I'm absolutely thrilled!
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    Omg .... cannot believe that I am in, thank you so much.
    My first post in the ISGB Forum and such a wonderful post - what a wonderful day.

    My necklace was designed for Marie Curie - Atomic Forces


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    Thanks to everyone who worked so hard and especially to Sarah for being so patient with me ♥.

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    WHAT AWESOME WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't wait to see the whole show.
    Thank you, everyone, for posting pictures and show who they were designed for. It is always so interesting to know the inspiration!

    COOL! COOL! COOL!!!!!!

    And mega thanks for everyone working on this.


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    Oh I love seeing your jewelry. It's all wonderful.

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