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Here is a Hot Head torch bracket anybody can assemble...

Below is the parts and how it goes together.

Parts are common everyday hardware store or camera store items.

Parts list:

1. 1/4x20x3/8 inch Screw - very common hardware store item.

2. "Mending Plate". Found in the brackets and shelf supports section of hardware store.

3 "Rod Coupling Nut". Found in bolts and nut section of hardware store. It's actually a very long 1/4X20 inch NUT... Be careful shopping for this item, some places want outrageous price for this item (should only be a couple of dollars at most).

4. A camera "clamp" with "ball mount" used to secure camera to things like car windows, fence posts, table tops, etc. This is camera store or foto dept item in discount stores ( ball mount should be standard 1/4x20 thread)

Not Shown is a "screw type" hose clamp 1-1/2 to 2 inch hose size...

Assemble in order of picture.

If you are having trouble finding the "clamp" the proper name is a "clampod" (similar to tripod) one brand name is Rowi...

Or just take picture to photo store...

Also a found a new sources for bulk fuel hoses.... Try RV or travel trailer centers.




I'd like to reply in saying that regarding bulk hoses and rv centers, since I happen to frequent Walmart's automotive section quite a bit, due to having a very old car, I've noticed that they carry the type of hose that you have pictured in that post as well as others. They can usually be found in the automotive section near the high pressure sprayers, RV equipment and Automotive Air Conditioning parts.