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Thread: How to Upload Photos to the Forum

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    Default How to Upload Photos to the Forum

    In an effort to make posting pictures easier for our forum members, we have installed a new photo management system. Prior to installing this system, users had to upload their photos to another server and link to them on the ISGB Forum. Now, users can easily browse for a photo on their computer and upload it to their photo storage space on the forum.


    How to use this system -

    1. Make sure you are logged in. Your photos will be kept in your own account and you can always get to them later.
    2. Have your photos ready. Ideally, you will have optimized your photos for the web and they will be no larger than 400 x 400 pixels in size.
    3. You may start your post (either new or in response to an existing thread).
    3. When you are ready to insert a photo, go to the top of the screen and hold down the Shift key while clicking on the "Images" tab. This will open the photo album/uploader section in a new window while keeping the window with your post in progress open.

    4. Upload your photos by clicking on the "Upload an Image" link.

    5. An image uploader screen will load. You will be able to search your own computer for your intended image(s) and you can upload six photos at a time. When you have found all your photos to upload, click on "Host It".

    6. The next screen will show you all of your uploaded images and it will include something called the "BB Code Image". Select (click in the box and use Ctrl+A to select the full code snippet) and then copy the snippet (Ctrl+C or Edit--> Copy).

    7. Now, return to the browser/window with the post your were editing and past (Ctrl+V or Edit-->Paste) the code snippet into your post. When you have saved your post, the correct image should be embedded in it. You may switch from your post's browser/window to your photo album window to retrieve other snippets of code for more photos if you have them.

    If you have any difficulty with posting photos, please email webmaster @ (remove space).
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