In an effort to make posting pictures easier for our forum members, we have installed a new photo management system. Prior to installing this system, users had to upload their photos to another server and link to them on the ISGB Forum. Now, users can easily browse for a photo on their computer and upload it to their photo storage space on the forum.

How to use this system -

1. Either start a new thread or reply to an existing thread using the "Post Reply" button. Note - You must use the "Post Reply" button and not the "Quick Reply" option.

2. Once you are in edit mode, look off to the right. You will see a box entitled "My Photos". Choose "Quick Upload" and then browse to the photo file on your computer. Once you have found it, select it and choose "Open". Now, choose "Host It" and your photo will appear in the post.

3. If you have previously uploaded a photo and would like to post it again, you may browse to it by choosing the "Open" option in the "My Photos" box and then by clicking on any of the images.

You may see and manage the photos you have uploaded by choosing the dropdown in the forum menu called "VB Image Host" and then "My Images".

Some photo rules -

* Photos may be no larger than 600 pixels high X 600 pixels wide (600x600). If your image is larger than this, the upload will fail.
* There is no image resizing program at the moment and we are not able to use thumbnails
* You may set your photos to "private" so that only you may see them. They must be set to "public" to be visible in a post. Administrators are able to view your images at any time.
* You may still use the older method of hosting your images on another server or service and posting them via the image icon in the editor toolbar