In preparing a tutorial with pictures in the current ISGB Techniques section, there are certain steps that need to be done so that your tutorial can be published here. At present, this site will allow you only to upload to ISGB storage area, pictures that will show at the bottom of your message, otherwise you need to host your pictures on another webserver and store them there. Check online for free webspace hosting and you will find plenty of places that will give you space to store pics. Keep in mind that if you ever lose that webspace or delete your pictures from there - then the pictures will disappear from your tutorial here. So it's unfortunate that we cannot post and upload to ISGB pictures where we want them in text. So try to write as complete description as possible in your tutorial incase your pictures are lost in the future.

1. Turn off popups for this site.
(this is necessary because it is a popup which allows you to post pictures to ISGB hosting service)

2. This site cannot use html source code web pages. If you try to post one, it will just print out the source code for the html.

3. I changed my settings in USER CP, Edit Options, bottom of page Message Interface Editor - to Enhanced Interface - full WYSIWYG editing.

4. This message area to post your tutorial on ISGB only allows 4 pictures to each post, and I believe 1,500 words per post. So if your tutorial has more than this, you will have to post tutorial in separate messages as I have done in mine.

5. There are basically two ways you can post your tutorial here.
The easiest method is one I just discovered a few minutes ago!

If your tutorial is already a web page, like perhaps on your web site, you can pull up the page with your internet explorer, and then right click and select all, then copy everything and then close your web page.

In meantime you have started "New Thread" here on ISGB, put in the title of the thread, then put cursor in message area and right click and paste all the information. The entire page with all the web space pictures will be posted to the message area. View the information you have pasted to see if there is anything you want to delete from it, such as if it is your website page you may want to delete the buttons and extraneous information about your site from the message which will be your tutorial. Also at this point, you can "edit" the message to move text to conform to where the picture is (you generally cannot put text side by side with picture, and I couldn't figure out anyway to maintain frames in message). BECAUSE YOU ARE IN WYSIWYG MODE, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TYPE OR PUT IN URL'S OF YOUR PICTURES AS THEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE ENTERED IN THE MESSAGE! You may not get the pictures exactly where you want them, and this is why you will probably want to move some text.

Once you have it the way you want it, go back to top of message and start scrolling down message until you have hit your 4 pictures. Then using your left click, start copying all the remaining balance of your message - and when copied, delete that info from your message. Then go ahead and post thread, and the first message of your tutorial should post. Then click on reply to you own message, and put cursor in message area, and click paste information. Then you keep checking where the 4 picture limit is, and follow above until it is all posted in separate messages.

The second method is a little harder to do. This is for people who have the information perhaps in a text document, or who are writing down the information for the first time. I would suggest doing the editing as I have described above, but the difficult part in this method is the fact that you have to type in or copy and paste the URL's of each picture so the ISGB server can go and find those pictures to add to your text. Also, you have to put the pictures in your text as you are editing it.

First of all know the names of your pictures and where they are stored. (If you only have pictures stored on webspace, you can pull up directory of that space which will list all the files so you can click and paste info instead of having to type it out)

Then scroll down the text part of your tutorial to where you want a picture - insert your cursor there by left clicking (the picture has to be on a separate "line" of your message). Since you are in the editing thread area, look at the little pictures above the text area and you will see a little one that looks like a yellow postcard of mountain and sun. Click on it, and a popup will show up asking you where the URL of the picture is, type in or paste in the information, and click OK, popup will disappear and picture will show up in your message. You continue doing this until you have added all the pictures you want to the text. Once you have the entire text and pictures the way you want them (you can only preview your post when it is "legal" - like under 4 pics - otherwise error message will show up).
Once you have everything placed where you want it, then follow above by scrolling down from the beginning of post till your 4th picture, copy everything below it, delete the copied info from the message area, then post it - and continue posting replies to your tutorial until you have posted everything.

One last suggestion to all viewing the tutorial web pages is to SAVE the web page with the pictures to your own hard drive, so you will always have them on hand to go with the text.